Project Type: Personal Project

Scope of Work: Identity Design, Flowchart, and Mobile App Design Layout

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Over the past couple of years, I've taken up an interest in the sport of golf. Through the past couple of years, I’ve also tried a variety of apps related to golf from tee-time booking apps, to rangefinder apps. I was never ever able to find a one size fits all app, so I decided it would be fun to create a fictional company and try my hand at designing a golfing app that would meet my needs. First off, I started with creating the identity for the company, followed quickly by developing the apps flowchart, so I had a better sense of what features I wanted in the app, and what elements needed to be present on the dashboard and in the navigation. I ultimately designed several mobile app screens using Affinity Designer, which is a competitor to the popular UI/UX software Sketch. I later imported the screenshots into InVision, so that I could verify that all elements on the screen were legible and above the fold.

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